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29 November 2012 @ 01:24 am

After ‘Merlin’ has wrapped, Bradley and Colin land their next coup and get the parts as new Bond and Q in Skyfall

“I have no wish to be one of the many on the long list of 007’s conquests,” Q said haughtily.

“That’s just because you haven’t met him yet.”

(text & idea by tsundereslasher)

someone please please please write a fic for this?

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01 November 2012 @ 05:01 pm
Gold in the Shadows artwork

story title: GOLD IN THE SHADOWS
story author:xfortytwo/ingberry
artist: brolinskeep/aarins_rou
pairing: bradley/colin
raiting: NC-17
summary: Bradley and Colin get stranded in France for a night and somehow it changes everything. Or, well, maybe it doesn't change everything so much as it brings out what's been there all along. In fact, nothing much changes at all except Colin stops pretending that anyone else can ever be as important as Bradley.

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